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            Tianjin Heavy Steel Mechanical Equipment Co.,LTD

            Tianjin Heavy Steel Mechanical Equipment Co.,Ltd(hereinafter referred to as “TZME”,Stock code:430274)was established on April 29,2002 and was restructured to a joint-stock company on the Dec 26,2007.Its registered capital is 79.65million RMB,with total assets of 400million RMB. In addition to the headquarters, TZME has another two wholly-owned subsidiaries--Tianjin Zhenhan Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd(located at Tianjin bonded area Lingang port)and one holding subsidiary--Tianjin MIYI Scientific Co.,Ltd. It totally covers an area of 220000square meters, and it is 10km away from Tianjin Port. The geographic location superior, and transportation convenient.

            Company Establishment
            7965million RMB
            Register Capital
            4.0million yuan
            Total Asset
            22thousand square meters
            Total coverage square meters
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            Mining Machinery Harbour Machinery Conveying Machinery Bridge Building Machinery Metallurgical Equipment Environment Protect Equipment Tourist Facility
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